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Company Announcement

Intercapital Property Development ADSIC, a company incorporated and conducting business in the Republic of Bulgaria, registered with the Commercial Registry by the Bulgarian Registration Agency under number EIK 131397743, having its seat and registered address in Sofia, 7a Aksakov Street, floor 4 (hereinafter referred to as "ICPD") presents announcement, regarding the publication of an invitation for convocation of a General Meeting of the Company’s bondholders, scheduled for 25.09.2017.

With the present the Company would like to inform the public of the following: on 12.09.2017 with registration number 20170912135558 in the files of Intercapital Property Development ADSIC in the Commercial Register to the Registry Agency it was announced the invitation for convocation of the General Meeting of the the Company‘s bondholders, scheduled for 25.09.2017.

Legal Basis: § 17 Section 4 of the Alternative Trading System Rules NewConnect
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  • Milen Bozhilov Investor relations director